Frozen Drift Race (2017) PC | RePack от qoob
Жанр: Action, Sport, Racing, Simulator
Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville (2015) [En] (1.6.13) License GOG
Жанр: Strategy (Manage, Busin., Real-time)
Okhlos: Omega (2016) [Ru/Multi] (2.0.1) License GOG [Omega Olympus Edition]
Жанр: Action, Strategy (Real-time)
The Wardrobe (2017) [En/It] (1.0) License RELOADED
Жанр: Adventure, Quest, 3rd Person
Tales of Berseria (2017) PC | Лицензия
Жанр: RPG (Japanese-style), 3D, 3rd Person
theHunter: Call of the Wild (2017) [Ru/Multi] (1.0) License CODEX
Жанр: Simulator, 3D
Drizzlepath: Glass (2017) [Ru/Multi] (1.0.0) License HI2U
Жанр: Adventure, 1st Person, 3D
Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?! (2017) [Ru/Multi] ( License GOG
Жанр: Приключенческие игры, Инди, Симуляторы
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition (2017) PC | RePack от qoob
Жанр: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale (2017) [En] (1.0) License CODEX
Жанр: Adventure, 1st Person
Revolve (2017) [Ru/Multi] (1.0) License HI2U
Жанр: Arcade (Platform)
MX Nitro (2017) [Ru/Multi] (1.0) License CODEX
Жанр: Racing (Moto), Simulator, 3D
Dark Shores (2017) [En] (1.0) License CODEX
Жанр: Adventure (Survival), 1st Person, Indie
The Wild Eight [Early Access] (2017) PC | RePack от qoob
Жанр: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Early-Access
Brut@l (2017) PC | RePack от qoob
Жанр: Violent, Gore, Action, Adventure
Bloody Boobs (2017) [Ru/En] (1.0) License PLAZA
Жанр: Adventure (Horror), 3D, 3rd Person