Disney Infinity 3.0 (2016) [Multi] (1.0.3) License PLAZA [Gold Edition]
Жанр: Adventure, Action, 3D, 3rd Person
Disney Infinity 2.0 (2016) [Ru/Multi] (1.0.2) License PLAZA [Gold Edition]
Жанр: Adventure, Action, 3D, 3rd Person
Ball of Light (2016) [En] (1.0) License PLAZA
Жанр: Adventure, Indie
Wanted Corp. (2016) [Multi] (1.0) License CODEX
Жанр: Action (Top-down), Indie
D Series OFF ROAD Driving Simulation 2017 (2015) [En] (1.0) License SKIDROW
Жанр: Racing (Cars), Simulator, 3D
Root Of Evil: The Tailor (2016) [Ru/Multi] (1.0) License PLAZA
Жанр: Adventure (Horror), 1st Person, Indie
Shadow Warrior 2 (2016) [Ru/Multi] ( License GOG [Deluxe Edition]
Жанр: Action (Shooter), 3D, 1st Person
Her Majesty's SPIFFING (2016) [Multi] (1.0) License CODEX
Жанр: Adventure, Indie
Whiplash - Crash Valley (2016) [En] (1.0) License PLAZA
Жанр: Adventure, Indie, Simulator
Sacred Almanac: Traces of Greed / Священный Альманах: Следы жадности (2016) [Ru/Multi] (1.0) License HI2U
Жанр: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Townsmen (2016) [Ru/Multi] (1.0) Repack Other s
Жанр: Strategy, 3D, Casual
Agony (2017) [Multi] (Demo) Repack Other s
Жанр: Adventure (Horror), 1st Person, 3D
Beastiarium (2016) [Ru/Multi] (1.0.0) License PLAZA
Жанр: Action, Adventure, Indie
CRAZY CHICKEN Strikes Back (2016) [Ru/Multi] (1.0) Repack Other s
Жанр: Arcade, Action, Casual
Junk Jack (2016) [En] (3.1.0) Repack Other s
Жанр: Action, Arcade, Adventure, Indie
King Lucas (2016) [En/Es] (1.0) Repack Other s
Жанр: Adventure, Arcade (Platform), Indie
Lara Croft GO (2016) [Ru/Multi] (1.0) License RELOADED
Жанр: Strategy (Turn-based, Tactical), Logic (Puzzle), 3D, Isometric