Okhlos: Omega (2016) [Ru/Multi] (2.0.1) License GOG [Omega Olympus Edition]
Жанр: Action, Strategy (Real-time)
Hearthlands (2017) [Multi] ( License GOG
Жанр: Стратегия в реальном времени, Менеджмент
Mainlining (2017) [En] ( License GOG [Deluxe Edition]
Жанр: Simulation, Point-and-click, Puzzle
Raging Titan (2016) [En] (1.6.11) License PROPHET
Жанр: Стратегия, Аркада
Эадор: Империя / Eador: Imperium (2017) PC | Лицензия
Жанр: Strategy (Turn-based), 3D
Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach (2017) [Multi] (1.0.0) License CODEX
Жанр: Strategy (Turn-based, Tactical), Isometric
Stars in Shadow (2017) [En] (010917) License CODEX
Жанр: Strategy (Turn-based)
Urban Empire (2017) [Ru/Multi] ( License GOG
Жанр: Strategy (Manage, Busin., Real-time), 3D, Isometric
Siegecraft Commander (2017) [En] (1.2.3962) License PLAZA
Жанр: Real-time Strategy (Turn-based)
Champions of Anteria (2016) [Multi] (1.7.499537.X/dlc) License PLAZA
Жанр: Strategy (Real-time), 3D
reconquest (2016) [Ru/Multi] (1.812) License HI2U
Жанр: Strategy (Real-time), 3D
Super Dungeon Tactics (2016) [En] (1.0) License CODEX
Жанр: Role-playing game, Strategy, Turn-based tactics
Townsmen (2016) [Ru/Multi] (1.0) Repack Other s
Жанр: Strategy, 3D, Casual
Lara Croft GO (2016) [Ru/Multi] (1.0) License RELOADED
Жанр: Strategy (Turn-based, Tactical), Logic (Puzzle), 3D, Isometric
Crazy Machines 3 (2016) [Ru/Multi] (1.1.0) Repack Other s
Жанр: Logic (Puzzle), 3D
Assault Squad 2: Men of War Origins (2016) [Ru] (3.260.0/dlc) Repack Other s
Жанр: Action, Strategy, Real-time, 3D
Motorsport Manager (2016) [Ru/Multi] (1.011576) License CODEX
Жанр: Strategy (Manage, Busin), Racing, Simulation (Sport)
Beholder (2016) [Ru/Multi] (1.0) License RELOADED
Жанр: Adventure, Indie, Strategy